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What did i Read Today - 12th Feb, 2021 ?

It is hard to come up with something new everyday, so i thought i would share about what i learned new today.

Lithium Ion Batteries : Some important points for the future of Batteries :

  1. The Prices of Lithium Ion Batteies have fallen more than 89% since 2010. In 2010 the Price was $1150/Kwh, whereas in 2021 the Price is around $135/Kwh.
  2. $100/Kwh is the magic number which will make EV's a viable option to the people.
  3. Metal prices such as Lithium only account for 16% of total battery costs.
  4. 50% costs include the electrolyte, separator and assembly module.
  5. The Leading Producer of Lithium ion batteries is China.
  6. Lithium has a high energy density so it can store a large amount of energy in a small volume.
  7. The world reserves of Lithium are limited and are available for a decade only.

Personally, i am not very bullish on the Lithium Ion Battery technology. I am all for Batteries but it seems Lithium is not sustainable and we would have to search for some other alternative.