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Update - Long time no write

It's been a long time since i wrote here.. I took a break from writing because i felt that i was writing the same things daily and i didn't have any novel thoughts / insights to write here. Honestly, i experienced a Brain Fog after leaving writing daily. So i have decided that i am going to commit to writing daily here again. Let's see how long can i continue !

Regarding the Updates, one big update is that i have left my job and now i am serving my notice period. I will not go over the reasons for leaving as i am not allowed to comment on them. The other update is that i am working on a small project on the side and it's something do do with Reddit. I will give more details as i progress on the project.

Exercise is going great. I usually walk for 4 kms daily and than do 20 pushups plus some pull ups. I visited Ahmedabad city with my family and went to see some Jain Temples (I am not a Religious person but family outing was good.). Oh Also got a nice Haircut :)

Ok, now i will see you tomorrow. Cheers !