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The Martian.

SpaceX is one of the few companies that inspires me to dream big and bet on a brighter future. I recently saw the video of the SN8 Rocket launch and how it performed the belly flop Maneuver. The Video is just unbelievably cool. So today i spent sometime to research what is there progress and what are they currently working on ? A few interesting things which i liked about them were :

  1. Their BIG, BOLD and Inspiring Mission. SpaceX wants to colonise Mars and make interplanetary transport affordable .
  2. Focus on solving the Hardest Problems first. To make the Interplanetary transport affordable their biggest hurdle was to create a resuable rocket in order to significantly cut the costs. Their work for the better part of 2 decades has been just that.
  3. Science First. By this i meant that Elon deliberately chose not to make the company public and kept it sustaining through his money or finding commercial applications (Like delivering Cargo and Satellites). Making SpaceX Public, he said would not be the best thing as the investors requirements may not align with the mission of the company.
  4. Hiring the Best of the Best. Self Evident.
  5. Designed to be composable and Reusable. A lot of work was spent in designing of the Rockets so that parts could be swapped or capacity could be increased like adding blocks of lego on top of each other.
  6. Speed and Iterative Testing. Quite like the software world. SpaceX is rapidly testing the Starship with their SN6, SN7, SN8, SN9 and the latest SN10 prototypes. The launch tests happen frequently and data gathered from each one is used to improve the next one.

I can go on and on here. But What the people at SpaceX are doing is quite magical and feels like watching a sci-fi movie. The child in me can't wait to see the first man land on mars. It would be quite an Achievement of the Human Race. Thanks SpaceX for giving us all another reason to dream bigger !