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Optimising 10% vs Optimising 90%

Its been a few days since i have started to seriously think about my habbits and pro-actively changing them for the better. For instance, i wake up at 7:00 am daily and go for a walk, than i exercise and do pushups and pull-ups. I also try to sit at my desk by 10:30 am so that i can start my office work.

I also frequently think about how can i optimise my time so that i can efficiently do all these things and not slack off. The first few days are the hardest TBH. But now, i am able to follow the exercise and walk part consistently. It is the Office work front where i slack off. Knowing that i can finish my work in 5 hrs, i tend to stretch it to 8 or 9 hrs. This is where most of the optimisation needs to happen.

So instead of spending my time on optimising small tasks that merely take up 10% of my time, i am shifting my thought to optimising the large chunks, which take up 90% of my time. Historically, this has been the area which has been hardest for me to tackle.

Work expands to fill the time Alloted - Parkinson's Law.

Therefore i am going to limit my time of work. I am just going to do maximum work in a chunk of (11:00 am - 4:00 pm). No guitar, no checking of twitter, no fb, no news during this time. Only work. If it becomes too much i will take some break. The idea is to not pick any other task before i have my work completed and done.

Cool. Let me begin by putting my mobile away from my desk.