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Naruto Sage Mode Unlocked !

After completing 21 days of writing, i gave myself a break from writing daily to refresh my mind. While i may not be writing daily from now on, but i have decided that i am going to post any highlights or share any interesting thoughts or incidents i bump into. Though i will still make sure that i do that as often as i can. Anyways, let's jump into today's update.

Today i feel just like Naruto unleashing his sage mode. I am feeling Super Productive and focused today. This is what today looked like for me :

  • Woke Up Early today around 7:30 am (Yep that's early for me.. don't judge)
  • Went to a Park nearby and did some walking
  • While Walking i also did some catch up with my best friend (he lives in Toronto.. so we generally talk morning or nights)
  • Meditated for 10 mins, failed at concentration.. but atleast i made time for it and tried.
  • Did 15 Pushups
  • Completed Pending Office Work in without wasting a lot of time.
  • Chilled by watching Silicon Valley Episodes.
  • Went for another trip to the Park and completed 4 more rounds.
  • Did 10 Pull-ups.
  • Wrote this Article.

I know, most of these talks are quite trivial and simple, but for me squeezing them daily has been a challenge. I am not able to keep up with health, Side-projects and office work daily. So days like these make me Super happy and Proud !

These days, I try to spend some time to observe my patterns in thinking, triggers, habbits and about Productivity. My goal is to be much more Consistent in Action and Objective in thinking / Decision making. I will keep on updating you all on how this Progresses.