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It Takes Time - Sid.

It Takes time to build something substantial. You won't have all the answers on day 1.

Why do a lot of our wishes remain a dream ? Maybe because we want to have everything right now. I am good at starting and getting into action when a idea strikes me, but the idea looses its fire gradually when i realise the amount of effort it requires to execute. When at times, i do follow through i would beat myself up for not knowing the answers to all the pieces of the puzzle upfront in a few hours.

It is Frustating, but ultimately it is a way of thinking, which can be fixed.

Today instead of saying - "research and finalize everything today" i said, let's look at 3 possible options today and 3 tomorrow and 3 day after tomorrow, Compile them in a sheet and at the end of a week or 2 we will analyse and pick the best.

This detaches you from 1 particular idea, gives you some breather and helps you develop a habbit to build and see things as a long iterative process.