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Domain Investing

Today i read about something really interesting - Domain Investing. I stumbled upon it when going through this Genltleman's twitter Profile - Peter Askew. One of his tweet caught my attention -

"You don't really need a business idea. All you really need is a great domain name. The domain can be your business inspiration."

Soon i saw myself reading about his blog posts and understanding the world of Domain Investing. So here it is -

Domain Investing refers to making money through Domains. Now there are 3 ways you can make money off of Domains. They are :

  1. Flipping - This refers to buying a Domain for a Cheaper Price and than selling them at a higher Price.
  2. Developing - Here you buy a Domain that has some authority or is a search term that people naturally search for. An example of this would be : Here, once you acquire the domain you can carve out a niche for yourself and build a business.
  3. Parking - Buying a Domain and setting up Ads on it to earn some money or using it to redirect to some other company and getting paid for Traffic or licensing the domain name. For this you should have a domain that naturally recieves a lot of traffic.

All the above ways require you to pick up a quality domain name like or, but the catch here is the majority of such domains have already been taken. How do you than go about finding them. One such way is to scan the Domains which will fall of the renewment cycle. This can be due to a person wanting to auction their domain or someone who just does not see value in the domain and would like to discontinue using it. Such domains are collected and listed on the Registrars like Godaddy daily. The trick is to spot the domain from there and bid for it.

There is some complexities and terms involved like pre-release, deleted, The Drop etc in this trade, but the overarching point being to identify a quality domain and than use it to generate cash.

The Piece by Peter really helped me understanding the Industry and next time i am gonna land on some Domain i am not gonna pass by :P